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Indosterling Technomedia

PT Indosterling Technomedia Tbk was established in 2011 in Jakarta as a technology company of IndoSterling Group. Since then, the company has developed a diversified portfolio of information technology and digital companies, serving a diverse array of B2B markets. In addition, the technology pillar also assists other IndoSterling Group companies as needed in order to support efficiency and scalability. As of 2019, Indosterling Technomedia has expanded its business within six business segments, consisting of:

  • Digital Publishing
  • Hyperlocal Directory
  • Point of Sales
  • Financial Marketing Platform
  • Learning Management Service
  • IT Consulting & Development

The combined data and understanding gathered from all these businesses are coordinated and shared at the holding level, thus enriching the Group's knowledge and resources. Each portfolio company also benefits by having access to these shared resources, which include professional digital design and IT provider services among others.

CEO Message

Dear Shareholders,

PT Indosterling Technomedia Tbk has come a long way since our establishment over a decade ago. At the time, digital was just beginning to accelerate in Indonesia and our early efforts to create and capture value met with many challenges.

Fortunately, thanks to the hard work and creativity of our people, we were able to persevere and improve. Since those early days, the Company has successfully branched out and expanded into different B2B information technology ventures with solid results. Our combined knowledge and resources have enabled us to keep improving our efficiency and productivity, while finding new market opportunities where we can create value.

Much of our growth is attributable to our solidly disciplined and targeted approach of identifying underserved target segments, and then creating the right product or service to fit that need. From hyperlocal directory LOKAmedia to point of sales software KAWN and more. We carefully avoided competing in crowded markets and instead focused on energies on areas where we could excel.

This strategy has paid off handsomely over time. In our twelfth year, our IT holdings are now sufficiently established and diversified to put Indosterling Technomedia on the scene as a sizeable digital presence. Having established strong customer relationships in our B2B holdings, and created good visitor engagement and growth in our B2C companies, our digital ecosystem is set to grow thanks to our strategy of niche engagement and disciplined investment.

In parallel, we have also established strong good corporate governance and human resource development systems, both being critical elements in the sustained health and business continuity of any company especially as we prepare for accelerated growth.

In short, I would like to thank all of our shareholders, the employees, our valued customers and partners. We believe that our efforts to grow the business have, along the way, also created value for the nation in terms of job creation as well developing the Indonesian digital ecosystem and economy at large; and we promise that we will continue to do our best going forward.


President Director


"To create a diversified portfolio of tech companies that are highly distinctive and competitive in their market segment, ultimately giving rise to a digital ecosystem."


  • Providing effective B2B IT solutions to facilitate productivity growth towards various industries
  • Accelerating corporation's growth by offering innovative solutions
  • Optimizing stakeholders' interests, through integrated IT solutions.

Technomedia Group Structure

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