Our Management

Indosterling Technomedia is led by a highly professional and committed management team,
with solid industry experience and a drive to create value through technology.

William Henley

President Commissioner

William leads a team of investment specialists who work closely with high-net-worth investors and mid-sized corporations to identify and exploit opportunities for value creation in Indonesia and across Asia-Pacific markets.

William has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and financial markets experience. In addition, he is the sole proprietor of IndoSterling Holding Company, which has strong positions in Indonesia’s capital markets, investment, and information technology and consumer sectors. Prior to IndoSterling, William drove CIMB Securities’ expansion into Indonesia, oversaw operations at PT Valbury Asia Securities and served as Associate Director at UBS Wealth Management. Before UBS, he worked with GK Goh Securities and with Lippo Securities.

William’s professional career is complemented by numerous board positions, directorships and advisory roles with corporates that IndoSterling does business with. Before this, he was nominated as a Director of the Indonesia Stock Exchange, where he gained intimate knowledge of Indonesia’s market regulations, opportunities and challenges. He also served as a member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange’s disciplinary committee.

William holds a Bachelor in Business, Banking and Finance from Monash University in Australia.

M. Noor Rachman Soejoeti

Independent Commissioner

Noor Rachman became Independent Commissioner in Indosterling Technomedia since 2020. He is also a member of the Board of Commissioners in PT Bursa Efek Indonesia.

Noor Rachman has more than 20 years of experience of becoming the head of various department in his years at BAPEPAM.

He holds a Bachelor in Economics from Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia and Masters of Arts from Colorado State University in United States.

BIlly Andrian

President Director

Billy is a tech evangelist who spent the past decade nurturing and contributing towards the growth of the technology sector in Indonesia. His record of accomplishment range from operating venture capital funds to developing a couple of tech startup companies.

He is passionate to develop innovative products and services in the technology sector while delivering positive impact towards stakeholders. Diving deep into new technologies such as blockchains, artificial intelligence, and big data are the primary key areas Billy is focusing at.

The first exposure in the tech industry began while he was challenged to operate tech venture capital funds in the dawn of tech boom in Indonesia. He realized there were numerous innovative and passionate individuals who were determined to develop more efficient technological solution for the community.

Billy was given the first litmus test of his career, when he set up the then uncommon business of online travel agency (OTA) that becomes one of the major OTA in Indonesian digital economy. Surrounded with fresh knowledge and exposure towards the marketing especially in the advertising sector, his passion grew further.

Indonesian businesses are spending more on advertising to capture higher market share. This brought special interest to him not only to conduct comprehensive analysis but also proactively taking part in the advertising sector.

Indonesian businesses are spending more on advertising to capture higher market share. This brought special interest to him not only to conduct comprehensive analysis but also proactively taking part in the advertising sector.

While his previous venture developed the first generation of artificial intelligence to power big data analysis for scalable digital marketing solutions. During Billy’s tenure as part of the active board member, he won international startup competition organized by the largest Japanese telecommunication company.

Billy’s values in pioneering as an early adopter brings unprecedented competitive advantage in exploring new terrestrial in the captive market segments.


Director & Chief Technology Officer

Yoas, domiciled in Jakarta, has served as a Director and CTO of the Company since 2018, where he is responsible for product architecture, implementation and operations.

Previously he was a Senior Software Developer at Flight Focus Pte. Ltd. (2009-2010). He has also been involved in various IT projects such as a social business platform called Tapestrix, a social media monitoring company that focuses on keyword sentiment monitoring, an aircraft flight tracker called Flight Following and Flight Planning.

He earned a degree in Informatics Engineering from STT Telkom Bandung.